It has always been a privilege to play games. New and old, games are what make the world go round. Since the dawn of time it's been something that humans do to pass the time and to simply have fun. Of course thousands of years later, things can change quite a bit. PC gaming is my cup of tea and let me tell you, it's one of the biggest cups I've ever put my lips up to and I'm never looking back. It has never been a better time to become a gamer. Gaming as a whole is taking off at a swift rate. Technology is progressing rapidly which means that the hardware is becoming more and more powerful. With hardware becoming more powerful, game developers have more to work with. This opens up many new possibilities and unique gaming experiences once thought to be impossible. I'm no stranger to the latest and greatest games either. Allow me to share my thoughts, interests and other noteworthy finds with you.


We all have our favorite games. Games from different parts of our lives. If you're a true gamer, odds are you probably have a nostalgia bone or two. There's always that special handful of games that just stuck out to you and you couldn't simply forget them. We all have them. I can proudly say that none of my favorites are bundled together within the same span of time. They are instead spread out in different years over the course of my life. A great game is a great game. Nothing more, nothing less. Whether it's from your childhood or something more modern, these games have given you an experience like no other. An experience that has driven you to mark down its very name in the mental hall-of-fame that is your brain, as one of the greatest games you have ever played. Allow me to share my list of favorite games with you. I'll be sure to tell you what I love about them and what could be better.


We have some of greatest our moments when gaming. Awesome moments. Moments we wish we could've captured because they were just way too awesome to lose focus of. Of course you couldn't always capture those moments especially if your moments were before the year of 2005 or so. It's been noted that gamers have been going the extra mile of not only capturing but documenting and sharing their experiences online as well. It's grown so common that it's now a prized function featured with modern game consoles and even your PC. Great moments in gaming are moments you'd probably forget within a day because they'll probably be replaced by future moments the next day anyway. Once you capture these moments though, you can go back and view it at anytime. Whether it's a short clip or screenshot, you'll instantly be reminded of that moment. That's the beauty of it.

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