Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is a story worth telling and an experience worth playing and then replaying once more

By DAGINATSUKO — Published March 6th, 2018

Final Fantasy XV is a technical masterpiece and a story worth replaying on the PC platform. Originally, I owned this game on Xbox One and I enjoyed every second of it. Further down the line, Xbox One X released and I gave the game yet another playthrough. At the time, I felt like this is as good as it would get as I was able to enjoy the game in its full quality with a dynamic 4K resolution scaler, improved visuals and native HDR support. Fast forward into 2018 and here we are again. The final and most complete release of Final Fantasy XV on the best gaming platform known to mankind.

Final Fantasy XV definitely strays away from previous games in the exploration, combat and visual departments. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition aims to be the most visually compelling Final Fantasy game on PC to date. While others may not care about visuals and simply want to enjoy a good story, don't be deterred. Final Fantasy XV features a great narrative as well as great voice acting. Most see the game as an "Emo boy band on an adventure to where", when really that isn't the case at all. Final Fantasy XV is a bit more deeper than that and actually justifies its exploration aspects better than most open-world RPG games. There are lots of things to do, lots of places to go and plenty of beasts to slay. Oh and lets not forget about the additional downloadable content provided in this final release too.

Gameplay is solid minus a few minor hitches in travel and discovery. For the most part, you're going to be riding around a lot. Taking in the sites, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful visuals. I believe these are nice intermissions before you jump into action or progress in the story. While some may see this as a pain in the game's design, I see it as a way to appreciate the love and detailed craftsmanship that the developers have put into this world. This may be the last time we ever see the Luminous Engine running a fully fledged game besides Final Fantasy XIV. If you're a fan of Kingdom Hearts-esque combat with a little bit of verticality, Final Fantasy XV is going to feel great as you swing your sword (or other useful weapons) at your enemy throughout the adventure.

As for performance, Final Fantasy XV sees a different level of optimization and scalability across different hardware configurations. Unlike previous Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XV has had a bit more care given to it with this port. The game was essentially rebuilt form the ground up for PC in mind but also ends up being a bit more demanding when cranked all the way up to the highest settings. But in turn it offers many more settings than its predecessors such as resolution scaling, additional anti-aliasing methods, VRAM usage limits and other detailed options for those less fortunate. Its up to you to find the best balance of settings based on your current hardware configuration if you don’t quite meet the system requirements. Just remember, the game is designed to push the very boundaries of PC visuals for those who want to. Not everyone has to. You don't need to be able to max out the game's settings to enjoy.

“Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition is a story worth telling and an experience worth playing and then replaying once more”

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