I'm an IT professional, computer enthusiast, amateur web developer and PC gamer. My interests revolve around web development, graphic design and hardware emulation. My goal is to build a refined knowledge of how both hardware and software come together to create unique experiences that range from high-fidelity gaming to the many wonders and discoveries associated with deep learning. There weren't that many things I was into as a kid, other than gaming and building things from scratch. I found a lot of joy in taking apart my perfectly working toys just to figure out how they worked. I would then either reassemble them or use the pieces to create something new. The idea of understanding how something works was one of my biggest interests when I was growing up, and still is to this day. Since then I've gone on to continue creating things from scratch. Whether it's building computers or hand-coding websites for clients, I'm always enjoying what I do.


Continuing my life-long curiosities, I always wondered how the things that surrounded me came to be and how they worked. I was a curious child. Curious enough to take an even closer look no matter the consequences. In my early years, I would carefully take apart my perfectly working toys, both new and old just to figure out what made them tick. I would then either reassemble them or use the pieces to create something new. Eventually I moved on to the whole 'Lego Phase' like every other creative 90s kid. Not too long after I got into console gaming which then turned into a new hobby. A hobby that would then expand into learning how games worked, how the hardware worked and how I could improve my gaming experience. PC gaming was my next move and that allowed me to blossom into a computer enthusiast with an unrivaled passion for the innovation of both hardware and software.


I believe that everything happens for a reason. It isn't a common topic to come across in today's age with ever evolving technology and social ideology. Most just assume that things are created and then handed to them. No one bothers to take the time to think about the product or the work that went into it to get it in your very hands. It's all about circle-jerks and common interests that tend to not fare too nicely when a different opinion or idea is introduced. It isn't a bad thing to agree with a product's wrong-doing, but it isn't bad to speak out against the circle-jerks either. Anyone and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I believe that thinking outside the box and respecting the efforts and ideas of the a product are the right thing to do. How can we have innovation if a creator gives up on an idea due to pure negativity and no positives? It's simple, you simply drop the idea of innovation. That's the world we live in.